Recording CD Audio to the HD – D1600(mkII)/D1200(mkII)
On the D-Series recorders, you have the ability to record from an audio CD directly to tracks on the
internal Hard Drive. This step by step tutorial will walk you through the process.
For this tutorial we will record a track 5 from the CD on to tracks 3 and 4 of the hard disk recorder.
This recording will be Stereo (2 tracks); if a Mono recording is desired only use one track.
1. Insert the Audio CD into the drive.
2. Press the INPUT button and select the input icon for track 3 and set it to CD-L.
3. Select the input icon for track 4 and set it to CD-R.
4. Slide the faders for tracks 3 and 4 up to 0 and set the Track Status to Record Ready (Red).
5. Set the pan pot for track 3 to hard left and track 4 to hard right.
6. Press the TRIGGER button and turn “TriggerRec” On
7. Press the SONG/CD button to enter the CDR/RW page.
8. Select the CD track you wish to record by selecting the onscreen fast forward () or rewind () icons.
9. Press the main transport RECORD + PLAY buttons. The buttons should start flashing.
10. Select the onscreen play (/) icon to start playing the CD. The main record and play lights should be
steady now, the meter running and you should be hearing the select CD track.
11. Press the main STOP button and the onscreen stop (/) button when the CD track is finished.
12. Set the Track Status for tracks 3 and 4 to Play (buttons green).
13. Rewind to the beginning of the song and press Play.
You should now have a copy of the CD Track on tracks 3 and 4 (one if Mono).