Lenovo manual What to do first, Lenovo IdeaTab S2110A Hardware Maintenance Manual

Models: S2110A

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What to do first

The following are not covered under warranty: Lenovo IdeaTab S2110A Hardware Maintenance Manual

What to do first

When you do return an FRU, you must include the following information in the parts exchange form or parts return form that you attach to it:

1.Name and phone number of servicer

2.Date of service

3.Date on which the machine failed

4.Date of purchase

5.Procedure index and page number in which the failing FRU was detected

6.Failing FRU name and part number

7.Machine type, model number, and serial number

8.Customer’s name and address

Note for warranty: During the warranty period, the customer may be responsible for repair costs if the computer damage was caused by misuse, accident, modification, unsuitable physical or operating environment, or improper maintenance by the customer.

The following is a list of some common items that are not covered under warranty and some symptoms that might indicate that the system was subjected to stress beyond normal use.

Before checking problems with the computer, determine whether the damage is covered under the warranty by referring to the following list:

The following are not covered under warranty:

LCD panel cracked from the application of excessive force or from being dropped

Scratched (cosmetic) parts

Distortion, deformation, or discoloration of the cosmetic parts

Plastic parts, latches, pins, or connectors that have been cracked or broken by excessive force

Damage caused by liquid spilled into the system

Damage caused by the improper insertion of a PC Card or the installation of an incompatible card

Improper disk insertion or use of an optical drive

Diskette drive damage caused by pressure on the diskette drive cover, foreign material in the drive, or the insertion of a diskette with multiple labels

Damaged or bent diskette eject button

Fuses blown by attachment of a nonsupported device

Forgotten computer password (making the computer unusable)

Sticky keys caused by spilling a liquid onto the keyboard

Use of an incorrect AC adapter on laptop products

The following symptoms might indicate damage caused by nonwarranted activities:

Missing parts might be a symptom of unauthorized service or modification.

If the spindle of a hard disk drive becomes noisy, it may have been subjected to excessive force, or dropped.


Page 24
Image 24
Lenovo manual What to do first, Lenovo IdeaTab S2110A Hardware Maintenance Manual