Majestic Appliances UVSRC42A, UVSRC36A installation instructions CFM Specialty Home Products


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these instructions.

This book contains your installation instructions and should be kept in a safe place. For you to realize all the advantages and use of the reliable service that has been engineered into your Temco fireplace, you must care- fully follow all of the instructions con- tained in this book regarding installation and operation of the fireplace.

These instructions should be read carefully in their entirety before begin- ning installation of the fireplace.

It is suggested that you wear work gloves and safety glasses to protect your hands and eyes when installing your fireplace. NOTE: Authorities having jurisdiction (i.e. building inspec- tors, fire marshals, etc.) should be consulted before installation to deter- mine the need to obtain a permit.

When installing the Blower Kit, it is necessary to bring the power source to the fireplace before walls are enclosed. Refer to Blower Kit instructions.

These fireboxes are approved as universal fireboxes and can be paired with any ANSI Z21.11.2 ap- proved vent-free log set. The vent- free log manufacturer’s instructions - including their required dimensional clearances for firebox size, - must be followed.

Refer to the manual that is packed with the log set for operating instructions.

Vent-Free Firebox

Models: UVSRC36A


Homeowner’s Installation and

Operating Manual

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INSTALLER DO NOT DISCARD THIS MANUAL - Leave in Fireplace for Homeowner

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Majestic Appliances UVSRC42A installation instructions CFM Specialty Home Products, Read and save these instructions