Marmitek X-10 Wireless Remote Control
for up to 16 Marmitek X-10 Modules.
Radio frequency remote controls:
signal travels through walls and ceilings.
Supports Marmitek X-10 Functions ‘On’,
‘Off’, and ‘Dim’.
The HR10 Wireless Remote Control can be used to control lights
and appliances connected to Marmitek X-10 Modules. Because the
remote control uses radio frequency signals, it can be used
anywhere inside the house.
The HR10 Wireless Remote Control has to be combined with the
TM13 Transceiver Module or the SC2800 Maxi Controller in a
Marmitek Alarm System. The transceiver or controller converts the
HR10 signals to the Marmitek X-10 Protocol to control the modules
via the mains.
The HR10 can also activate macros stored in the CM11 Computer
Interface. Execute a group of actions with one press of a button
(coming home, getting up, etc.).
The selector switch can switch the control from modules 1-8 to 9-16.
Modules with the same House Code as the HR10 can be switched ‘On’ or ‘Off’ with the remote control. Lights
connected to lamp modules can also be dimmed.
The lamp module activated last by the HR10 can be dimmed with the dim button. If a lamp is already switched on, the
on button of the module needs to be pressed before the lamp can be dimmed with the Dim button.
Batteries: 4xAAA
RF frequency: 433.92MHz
Transmission Power: <5833 (V/m at 3m)
RF range: 20m (open field)
Adjustable House Code: A-P
Controllable Unit Codes: 1-16
Ambient temperature: 0°C to 50°C (operating), -20°C to 70°C (storage)
Tested by: R&TTE