WARNING: Keep hands and feet away
from the chute area on cutting deck. The
blade will be rotating whenever the engine is
Be sure no one other than the operator is
standing near the lawn mower while starting
the engine or operating the mower.
Never run engine indoors or in enclosed,
poorly ventilated areas. Engine exhaust
contains carbon monoxide, an odorless and
deadly gas.

Gas and Oil Fill-Up

Service the mower engine with gasoline and oil
following instructions in the engine manual. If your
mower was shipped with oil in the engine, fill up the
required amount of gasoline only. Always make
sure there is adequate oil in the engine before
starting the engine. Fill up as necessary.
WARNING: Never fill fuel tank indoors,
with engine running or until the engine has
been allowed to cool for at least two minutes
after running.

Adjusting Cutting Height

Your mower was shipped at the highest cutting
height. For best results in mowing, keep the cutting
height position high until it is determined which
height is best for your lawn.
Refer to height adjustments section of this manual
on page 10 for instruction on how to adjust the
cutting height and the handle height.

Before Starting

Attach spark plug wire to spark plug. Make certain
the metal cap on the end of the spark plug wire
(inside the rubber boot) is fastened securely over
the metal tip on the spark plug.

To Start Engine and Engage Blade

Prime engine as instructed in the engine manual.
Standing behind the unit, depress the blade control
handle and hold it against the upper handle.
Grasp starter handle and pull rope out slowly until
engine reaches start of compression cycle (rope
will pull slightly harder at this point). Let the rope
rewind slowly.
Pull rope with a rapid, continuous, full arm stroke.
Keep a firm grip on starter handle. Return it slowly
to the rope guide. If you encounter any problems,
refer to the Trouble Shooting Guide for helpful
NOTE: See your engine manual packed with your unit
for more detailed instructions.

Stopping Engine and Blade

Release the blade control handle to stop the engine
and the blade.
WARNING: The blade continues to rotate
for a few seconds after the engine is shut off.
Do not touch the blade in any way while it is
still rotating.
Disconnect spark plug wire and ground it against
the engine to prevent accidental starting while
equipment is unattended.

Using Your Rotary Mower

Be sure that lawn is clear of stones, sticks, wire, or
other objects which could damage lawn mower or
engine. Such objects could be accidently thrown by
the mower in any direction and cause serious
personal injury to the operator and others.
For best results, do not cut wet grass because it
tends to stick to the underside of the mower,
preventing proper discharge of grass clippings, and
could cause you to slip and fall. New grass, thick
grass or wet grass may require a narrower cut.
Speed of the mower should be adjusted to the
condition of the lawn.
For a healthier lawn, always cut off one-third or less
of the total length of grass. Lawn should be mowed
in the fall season as long as there is growth.
WARNING: If you strike a foreign object,
stop the engine. Remove wire from spark
plug, thoroughly inspect the mower for any
damage, and repair the damage before
restarting and operating the mower.
Extensive vibration of the mower during
operation is an indication of damage. The unit
should be promptly inspected and repaired.