Niles Audio CS650, CS525 manual Installation Considerations, Recommended Amplifier Power

Models: CS650 CS525

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Installation Considerations IR Knockout


Installation Considerations

Recommended Amplifier Power

For satisfactory performance, we recom- mend an amplifier with a power rating of five to fifty watts for the CS525 and CS650. Curiously, most speakers are not damaged by large amplifiers but by small amplifiers. If your system is playing loudly, a small amplifier will run out of power very quickly. When an amplifier runs out of power it creates damaging “clipping” distortion. A large amplifier will play at the same volume without distorting. See the section on operating the speakers for more information about clipping distortion.

Incorporating a Local Volume Control

In a multi-room system there is one indis- pensible control for true convenience—a local volume control. It allows you to adjust the volume of the speakers without leaving the room.

Plan to wire the system so that each pair of speakers has its own volume control built into the wall (think of a volume con- trol as a dimmer switch for sound).

Niles makes a wide range of high perfor- mance indoor and outdoor volume con- trols. They are available in Standard or Decora® style cover plates (just like your

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Niles Audio CS650, CS525 Installation Considerations, Recommended Amplifier Power, Incorporating a Local Volume Control