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Your Friedrich


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All controls for the Friedrich electronic air cleaner are located on the top of the unit and are accessible through an opening in the top cover. The controls are: OFF, HI, MED and LOW. An indicator lamp lights when the cleaner is on and operating normally.

Generally, HIGH fan speed is used in extreme conditions for rapid cleaning; such as during or after a party where there were many smokers; or for larger areas to circulate the clean air in all areas of the room. MEDIUM and LOW settings are usually adequate to maintain a clean air environment.

At initial start-up, the indicator lamp may flicker on and off and is not cause for alarm. Should the lamp completely fail to come on, review the "BEFORE OPERATING" and "TROUBLESHOOTING" sections.

During initial use, “snapping” sounds may be heard. This is normal, and the unit may continue to make these noises during the first few days of operation. After this initial break in period, only an occasional "snap" will be heard, indicating the unit is cleaning your air. NOTE: As the air cleaner’s electronic cell becomes dirty, it will "snap" more frequently. When this occurs, you should wash the cell.

The best location for the air cleaner is a place closest to the source of tobacco smoke, dust or other indoor contaminants.

Position the unit so that the airflow around the intake and discharge grilles is not blocked. For best results, do not place the intake grille (rear) closer than eight (8) inches from a wall. Provide a clear, unobstructed path for the discharge air. The farther the discharge air travels, the greater the effectiveness of the air cleaner. For greater comfort, position the air cleaner so that the discharge air does not cause uncomfortable drafts.

To use a room air cleaner most effectively in rooms that share an open doorway or archway, position the unit near the common opening and direct the airflow into the adjacent room to promote good air circulation.


The Friedrich electronic air cleaner costs no more to operate than a standard household light bulb. The benefits from clean air far outweigh the low operating costs of continuous cleaning. Remember, the more you operate your electronic air cleaner, the cleaner your air will be.


The collector plates of the electronic cell and the pre-filter can become extremely dirty. With an excessive amount of contamination buildup on the collector plates and the pre-filter, the electronic air cleaner’s efficiency decreases. Also, as dirt builds up on the ionizing wires, the charging process becomes less efficient.

To prevent this loss of efficiency, the electronic cell and pre-filter must be cleaned regularly. How often will depend on actual usage. Cleaning will be more frequent if the air cleaner is operated continuously or under severe conditions.

Turn off and unplug air cleaner before opening top cover to remove electronic cell and pre- filter for cleaning. Always be careful when handling the electronic cell. Sharp edges and wires are capable of inflicting wounds. Care should also be taken when cleaning because of extremely hot water and potentially harmful effects of detergents on your skin.


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Nilfisk-ALTO C-90A manual Operating Your Friedrich Electronic Air Cleaner, Controls, Economical Clean Air, W a l l