First Time Setup
The first time setup screen is displayed only when the TV is turned on for the first time, after
the power cord is inserted into a wall outlet.

Turn the TV on with the POWER button


Setup the following items

Select your language

Select your country

Select your viewing mode (Be sure to select “Home Use”)

If you select “Store Demonstration” by mistake, confirmation screen
will be displayed.
To display the “Set viewing mode” screen again in order to select
“Home Use”, perform one of the following actions:
• Press and hold down the rear POWER button for at least five
• Unplug the power cord for 30 seconds and then plug it in again.

Configure Network connection

Follow the instructions on screen to complete the Network

ANT/Cable setup

Set up based on how your TV programming is connected. Select
“Yes” if you are connected to a Cable, Satellite or Fiber Optic box.
Select “No” if you are connected to the Antenna/Cable In with a
coaxial wire into the screw-on connector. In this case you will need
to scan for channels that are available in your area.

Adjust the Clock

Select the clock mode and adjust other settings.
When “Auto” is selected, clock will be set automatically according
to Time zone and DST. The TV must be connected to the Internet to
use this feature.

Complete First time setup

Completion screen is displayed.

Select type of Home Screen

my Home Screen
Follow the instruction of the
to select desired
Home Screen
Example: Home screen selection Example: Lifestyle Screen
• “Home Screen” is displayed as the start-up screen when the TV is
turned on or the HOME button is pressed.