Petsafe PDT00-12894 Frequently Asked Questions, How old does a pet have, to be before using the

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How old does a pet have

• Introduce your PetSafe® Remote Trainer when your dog

to be before using the

graduates from puppy state—usually 6 months old. The

PetSafe® Remote Trainer?

Receiver Collar may be too large for dogs under 8 lbs.

Once my pet is trained

• Probably not. He may need to wear the Receiver Collar from

and has been obeying my

time to time for reinforcement.

commands, will he have


to continue to wear the


Receiver Collar?


Is the Receiver Collar

• Yes. The Receiver Collar that comes with the Remote Trainer’s


with Vibration or Vibration PLUS is designed to be waterproof.

Can I use a PetSafe® Remote

• Yes. A second dog can be added to the system. The

Trainer with Vibration with

additional collar can be purchased at or

more than one pet?

through our Customer Care Center.

Will I get exactly ½ mile

• The range you get with your PetSafe® Remote Trainer with

of range with the PetSafe®

Vibration will vary according to terrain, weather, vegetation,

Remote Trainer?

as well as transmission from other radio devices. To get


the maximum amount of range, ensure the LED light on the


Receiver is pointing up towards the dogs nose. If it’s pointing


down the range will be drastically reduced.

How long can I

• There is no time restriction on the Vibration only button.

continuously deliver

• If a Static Stimulation button is held up to 12 continuous seconds,

Vibration or Static

the Red or Green LED will flash rapidly to indicate a safety time-

Stimulation to my pet?

out. Once released, the button resets to normal functionality.

What do I do if my pet’s

• This condition is due to the Contact Points irritating the skin.

neck becomes red and

Discontinue use of the Receiver Collar for a few days. If the


condition persists beyond 48 hours, see your veterinarian.


Once the skin returns to normal, replace Receiver Collar, and


monitor the skin condition closely.


Customer Care Center 1-800-732-2677

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Petsafe PDT00-12894 Frequently Asked Questions, How old does a pet have, to be before using the, PetSafe Remote Trainer?