Pioneer DR-U16S user service Installation, Hardware Setup Overview, Third, Use the Proper Cable

Models: DR-U16S

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This chapter describes the steps required to connect your Pioneer Drive to your PC. Prior to installation, there are a few things you should know about this product.

First, the Drive is a SCSI device. What is a SCSI device? SCSI is an acronym for Small Computer System Interface. A SCSI system allows up to seven SCSI devices (including CD-ROM drives, hard disks, scanners, and tape drives) to be connected to each other in a series called a "daisy chain" A SCSI interface is the physical connection between a SCSI device and a computer serving as a pipeline to transfer data between the two.

SCSI devices can be installed as an internal (inside your computer) device, as an external (outside your computer) device, or both. This unit is an internal drive. Once connected, signals are passed through the chain from one device to the next and order is kept by assignning a unique SCSI ID number to each device. The last device in a SCSI chain must be terminated to maintain the quality of the electrical signals in the cable.

Second (PCs only): Your System Must Have a SCSI Interface Card.

If your system dose not have a SCSI interface, you must buy and install one.

Third, Use the Proper Cable.

After installing a SCSI interface card or identifying the existing SCSI interface, it must be connected to your Drive using the proper cable.

A 50-pin flat ribbon cable is used to connect this unit to the computer. Connection instructions are given on pages 16, 17.


If your interface card is not listed in the software installation menu, the card may still operate with your Drive. An ASPI* device driver is included with the Pioneer software which provides an interface between the Drive and a SCSI interface card. The ASPI driver translates the peculiarities of the interface card into a standard interface protocol thus establishing compatibility with the Drive. There is one requirement, the interface card must have a software device driver known as an ASPI Manager.

If you are uncertain whether your card came with an ASPI Manager, check the documentation for the card. If you find that the card didn’t come with an ASPI Manager, contact the manufacturer or check with an Authorized Pioneer Dealer to see if a driver is now available.


Pioneer drivers have been written to work with built-in SCSI port, on PCs with Future Domain SCSI Interface Cards, IBM SCSI Interface Cards, and ASPI compatible interface cards. Other SCSI interface cards require drivers provided by the manufacturer of the card.


SCSI interface card installation instructions accompany the card. For best results, follow the instructions that ship with the card.

Note: The SCSI interface card must be properly installed before continuing with the Drive installation.


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Pioneer DR-U16S Installation, Hardware Setup Overview, Second PCs only Your System Must Have a SCSI Interface Card