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SEASONAL STORAGE WARNING: Perform the following steps after each use:

SAllow engine to cool, and secure the unit before storing or transporting.

SStore unit and fuel in a well ventilated area where fuel vapors cannot reach sparks or open flames from water heaters, electric motors or switches, furnaces, etc.

SStore unit with all guards in place. Position unit so that any sharp object cannot acci-

dentally cause injury.

SStore unit and fuel well out of the reach of children.


Prepare unit for storage at end of season or if it will not be used for 30 days or more.

If your unit is to be stored for a period of time: S Clean the entire unit before lengthy stor-


SStore in a clean dry area.

SLightly oil external metal surfaces.


Under FUELING ENGINE in the OPERA- TION section of this manual, see message la- beled IMPORTANT regarding the use of ga- sohol in your engine.

Fuel stabilizer is an acceptable alternative in minimizing the formation of fuel gum deposits during storage. Add stabilizer to gasoline in fuel tank or fuel storage container. Follow the mix instructions found on stabilizer container. Run engine at least 5 minutes after adding stabilizer.


During storage of your gas/ oil mixture, the oil will sepa- rate from the gas.

We recommend that you shake the gas can weekly to insure proper blending of the gas and oil.


SRemove spark plug and pour 1 teaspoon of 40:1, 2-cycle engine oil (air cooled) through the spark plug opening. Slowly pull the

starter rope 8 to 10 times to distribute oil.

SReplace spark plug with new one of recom- mended type and heat range.

SClean air filter.

S Check entire unit for loose screws, nuts, and bolts. Replace any damaged, broken, or worn parts.

SAt the beginning of the next season, use only fresh fuel having the proper gasoline to oil ratio.


SDo not store gasoline from one season to another.

SReplace your gasoline can if it starts to rust.

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Poulan 115351127, 966454201, 952711923 instruction manual Helpful Tip, Seasonal Storage, Fuel System, Engine, Other