Poulan 966454201 Safety Rules, Identification Of Safety Symbols, Know Your Unit, Plan Ahead

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When using the vacuum attachment, the unit is designed to pick up dry material such as leaves, grass, small twigs, and bits of paper. Do not vacuum stones, gravel, metal, broken glass, etc., to avoid severe dam- age to the impeller.

WARNING: Fire hazard. Never mix, pour, or store gasoline or use the unit near a flame or sparks (including smoking, open flames, or work that can cause sparks).

WARNING: The muffler is very hot during and after use. Do not touch the muffler, muffler guard, or surrounding surfaces, or allow combustible material such as dry grass or fuel to do so.


KNOW YOUR UNIT WARNING: Failure to follow all Safety Rules and Precautions can result in serious injury.


SRead your instruction manual carefully until you completely understand and can follow

all warnings and safety rules before operat- ing the unit.

DRestrict unit to users who understand and will follow all warnings and safety rules in this manual.

PLAN AHEAD WARNING: Inspect area before start- ing unit. Remove all debris and hard objects such as rocks, glass, wire, etc. that can rico- chet, be thrown, or otherwise cause injury or damage during operation.

Use your unit as a blower for:

DSweeping debris or grass clippings from

driveways, sidewalks, patios, etc.

DBlowing grass clippings, straw, or leaves into piles, around joints, or between bricks.

Use your unit as a vacuum for:

DPicking up dry material such as leaves, grass, small twigs, and bits of paper.

DFor best results during vacuum use, operate your unit at high speed.

DMove slowly back and forth over the mate- rial as you vacuum. Avoid forcing the unit into a pile of debris as this can clog the unit.

DKeep the vacuum tube about an inch above the ground for best results.


DAlways wear eye protection when operat- ing, servicing, or performing maintenance on unit. Wearing eye protection will help to prevent rocks or debris from being blown or ricocheting into eyes and face which can

result in blindness and/or serious injury. Eye protection should be marked Z87.

D Always wear foot protection. Do not go barefoot or wear sandals.

DAlways wear respirator or face mask when

working with unit in dusty environments. D Secure hair so it is above shoulder length.

Keep loose hair, loose clothing, fingers, and all other parts of the body away from openings and moving parts. Hair, jewelry, loose cloth- ing, or clothing with loosely hanging straps, ties, tassels, etc., can be caught in moving parts.

DDo not operate unit when you are tired, ill, up- set, or if you are under the influence of alco- hol, drugs, or medication.

D Keep children, bystanders, and animals away from work area a minimum of 30 feet (10 meters) when starting or operating unit. Do not point the blower nozzle in the direc- tion of people or pets.


DEliminate all sources of sparks or flame (in- cluding smoking, open flames, or work that

can cause sparks) in the areas where fuel is mixed, poured, or stored.

DMix and pour fuel in an outdoor area; store fuel in a cool, dry, well ventilated place; use an approved, marked container for all fuel purposes.

DDo not smoke while handling fuel or while

operating the unit.

DMake sure the unit is properly assembled

and in good operating condition.

DDo not fill fuel tank while engine is hot or running.

DAvoid spilling fuel or oil. Wipe up fuel spills before starting engine.

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Poulan 966454201, 952711923, 115351127 Safety Rules, Identification Of Safety Symbols, Know Your Unit, Plan Ahead