Poulan 952711923, 966454201, 115351127 Operate Your Unit Safely, Maintain Your Unit Properly

Models: 115351127 952711923 966454201

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DMove at least 10 feet (3 meters) away from fuel and fueling site before starting engine.

D Always store gasoline in a container ap- proved for flammable liquids.


OPERATE YOUR UNIT SAFELY WARNING: Stop the engine before opening the vacuum inlet door. The engine must be stopped and the impeller blades no longer turning to avoid serious injury from the rotating blades.

D Inspect unit before each use for worn, loose, missing, or damaged parts. Do not use until unit is in proper working order.

DKeep outside surfaces free of oil and fuel. D Never start or run engine inside a closed room, building or other unventilated area.

Breathing exhaust fumes can kill.

D To avoid static electricity discharge, do not wear rubber gloves or any other insulated gloves while operating unit.

D Do not set unit on any surface except a clean, hard area while engine is running. Debris such as gravel, sand, dust, grass, etc. could be picked up by the air intake and thrown out through discharge opening, damaging unit, property, or causing serious injury to bystanders or operator.

D Avoid dangerous environments. Do not use in unventilated areas or where explosive vapors or carbon monoxide build up could be present.

D Do not overreach or use from unstable sur- faces such as ladders, trees, steep slopes, rooftops, etc. Keep firm footing and balance at all times.

D Never place objects inside the blower tubes; always direct the blowing debris away from people, animals, glass, and solid objects such as trees, automobiles, walls, etc. The force of air can cause rocks, dirt, or sticks to be thrown or to ricochet which can hurt people or animals, break glass, or cause other damage.

D Never run unit without the proper equip- ment attached. When using your unit as a blower, always install blower tubes. When using your unit as a vacuum, always install vacuum tubes and vacuum bag assembly. Make sure vacuum bag assembly is com- pletely zipped.

D Check air intake opening, blower tubes, vacuum tubes, and elbow tube frequently, always with engine stopped and spark plug disconnected. Keep vents and discharge tubes free of debris which can accumulate and restrict proper air flow.

D Never place any object in the air intake open- ing as this could restrict proper air flow and cause damage to the unit.

D Never use for spreading chemicals, fertiliz- ers, or other substances which may contain toxic materials.

D To avoid spreading fire, do not use near leaf or brush fires, fireplaces, barbecue pits, ashtrays, etc.

D Use only for jobs explained in this manual.


MAINTAIN YOUR UNIT PROPERLY WARNING: Disconnect spark plug be- fore performing maintenance except for carbu- retor adjustments.

DHave all maintenance other than the rec- ommended procedures described in the in- struction manual performed by an autho- rized service dealer.

D Use only recommended Poulan PRO re- placement parts; use of any other parts may void your warranty and cause damage to your unit.

DEmpty fuel tank before storing the unit. Use up fuel left in carburetor by starting engine and

letting it run until it stops.

D Do not use any accessory or attachment other than those recommended by manufac- turer for use with your unit.

DDo not store the unit or fuel in a closed area where fuel vapors can reach sparks or an open flame from hot water heaters, electric motors or switches, furnaces, etc.

DStore in a dry area out of reach of children.

Manual background WARNING: The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth de- fects or other reproductive harm.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Exposure to vibra- tions through prolonged use of gasoline pow- ered hand tools could cause blood vessel or nerve damage in the fingers, hands, and joints of people prone to circulation disorders or abnormal swelling. Prolonged use in cold weather has been linked to blood vessel dam- age in otherwise healthy people. If symptoms occur such as numbness, pain, loss of strength, change in skin color or texture, or loss of feeling in the fingers, hands, or joints, discontinue the use of this tool and seek medical attention. An antivibration system does not guarantee the avoidance of these problems. Users who operate power tools on a continual and regular basis must monitor closely their physical condition and the condi- tion of this tool.

SPECIAL NOTICE: This unit is equipped with a temperature limiting muffler and spark arresting screen which meets the require- ments of California Codes 4442 and 4443. All U.S. forest land and the states of California, Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ore- gon, and Washington require by law that many internal combustion engines be equipped with a spark arresting screen. If you operate in a locale where such regulations ex- ist, you are legally responsible for maintaining the operating condition of these parts. Failure to do so is a violation of the law. Refer to the MAINTENANCE section for information on maintenance of the muffler and spark arrest- ing screen.

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Poulan 952711923, 966454201, 115351127 instruction manual Operate Your Unit Safely, Maintain Your Unit Properly