Safety Precautions

Congratulations on your purchase of this Samsung washing machine. These Owner's Instructions contain valuable information on the installation, use, and care of this appliance. Please take the time to read these instructions so that you can take full advantage of the washing machine's features and enjoy this appliance for many years to come.

Before using the appliance

Packing materials can be dangerous to children; keep all packing material (plastic bags, polystyrene, etc.) well out of the reach of children.

The appliance is designed for home use only.

Make sure that water and electrical connections are made by qualified technicians, observing the manufacturer's instructions (see "Installing the Washing Machine" on page 2) and local safety regulations.

All packaging and shipping bolts must be removed before the appliance is used. Serious damage may occur if they are not removed. See "Removing the shipping bolts" on page 3.

Before washing clothes for the first time, you must run a complete cycle without clothes. See "Washing for the first time" on page 8.

Safety instructions

Before cleaning or carrying out maintenance, unplug the appliance from the electrical outlet or set the (On/Off) button to Off.

Make sure that the pockets of all clothing to be washed are empty.

Hard, sharp objects, such as coins, safety pins, nails, screws, or stones can cause extensive damage to the appliance.

Always unplug the appliance and turn off the water after use.

Before you open the door of the appliance, check that the water has drained. Do not open the door if you can still see water.

Pets and small children may climb into the appliance. Check the appliance before each use.

The glass door becomes very hot during the washing cycle. Keep children away from the appliance while it is in use.

Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself. Repairs made by inexperienced or unqualified persons may cause injury and/or make more serious repairs to the appliance necessary.

If the plug (power supply cord) is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similar qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.

This appliance should only be serviced by an authorized service center, and only genuine spare parts should be used.