Problems and solutions

The washing machine will not start

Make sure the door is firmly closed.

Make sure the washing machine is plugged in.

Make sure the water source faucet is turned on.

Make sure to press the Start button.

No water or insufficient water supply

Make sure the water source faucet is turned on.

Make sure the water source hose is not frozen.

Make sure the water intake hose is not bent.

Make sure the filter on the water intake hose is not clogged.

Detergent remains in the detergent drawer after the wash program is complete

Make sure the washing machine is running with sufficient water pressure.

Put the detergents in the inner parts of the detergent drawer(away from the outside edges).

Washing machine vibrates or is too noisy

Make sure the washing machine is set on a level surface. If the surface is not level, adjust the washing machine feet to level the appliance (see page 3).

Make sure that the shipping bolts are removed (see page 3).

Make sure the washing machine is not touching any other object.

Make sure the laundry load is balanced.

The washing machine does not drain and/or spin

Make sure the drain hose is not squashed or bent.

Make sure the water hose mesh filter is not clogged (see page 12).

Understanding error messages

The appliance is equipped with automatic safety functions able to quickly identify and indicate the presence of faults and react appropriately. Most faults are minor problems that can be solved quickly. Depending on the model you purchased, some lamps in the buttons may flicker. If they do, check the follwing:

Error displayed


Close the door.

• Make sure the source water faucet is turned on.

• Check the water pressure.

• Clean the debris filter.

• Make sure the drainage hose is installed correctly.

Laundry load is unbalanced; loosen any tangled laundry.

M1201/1001/801 M601

If only one item of clothing needs washing, such as a bathrobe or jeans, the final

spin result might be unsatisfactory and an "Unbalancing" error message will be shown in the display window.

Before contacting After-Sales service:

1.Try to remedy the problem (See "Troubleshooting" on this page).

2.Restart the programme to see if the fault is repeated.

3.If the malfunction persists, call after-sales service and describe the problem.

SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions 13