Installing the Washing Machine

Selecting a location

Before you install the washing machine, select a location with the following characteristics:

A hard, level surface (if the surface is uneven, see "Adjusting the leveling feet," below)

Away from direct sunlight.

Adequate ventilation

Room temperature that will not fall below 0 ˚C

Away from sources of heat such as coal or gas

Make sure that the washing machine does not stand on its power cord.

Ventilation openings must not be obstructed by carpeting when the washing machine is installed on a carpeted floor.

Adjusting the leveling feet

If the floor is uneven, adjust the feet (do not insert pieces of wood or any other objects under the feet):

1.Loosen the leg bolt by turning it with your hand until it is at the desired height.

2.Tighten the locking nut by turning it with the supplied wrench.

Place the washer on a sturdy, flat surface.

If the washer is placed on an uneven or weak surface, noise or vibration occurs. (Only a l degrees angle is allowed.)

Removing the shipping bolts

Before using the washing machine, you must remove the five shipping bolts from the back of the unit. To remove the bolts:

1.Loosen all bolts with the supplied wrench before removing them.

2.Take each bolt head and pull it through the wide part of the hole. Repeat for each bolt.

3.Fill the holes with the supplied plastic covers.

4.Keep the shipping bolts for future use.

Connecting the water supply hose(Option)

1. Remove the adaptor from the

4. Connect the water supply hose to the adaptor.


Pull down part (c) of the water supply hose.

water supply hose.




When you release part (c) the hose automatically



connects to the adaptor making a ’click’ sound.

2. First, using a “+” type screw driver, loosen the

5. Connect the other end of the water supply hose

four screws on the adaptor. Next, take the


to the inlet water valve at the top of the washer.

adaptor and turn part(b) following the arrow until


Screw the hose clockwise all the way in.

there is a 5mm gap.



3. Connect adaptor to the water tap by tightening

If the water tap has a screw type faucet, connect

the screws firmly.


the water supply hose to the tap as shown.

Then, turn part (b) following the arrow and put(a)




and (b) together.



NOTICE After completing connection, if water leaks from the hose, then repeat the same steps. Use the most conventional type of faucet for water supply. In case the faucet is square or too big, remove the spacing ring before inserting the faucet into the adaptor.

SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions 3