Installing the Washing Machine

Plugging in the machine

For European Users. You will NOT need to ground the plug of the washing machine.

For U.S. Users. You MUST ground the plug of the washing machine.

Check with a licensed electrician before using the machine to make sure it is properly grounded.

For U.K. Users.

Wiring lnstructions


This appliance must be earthed. In the event of an


13 AMP

electrical short circuit, earthing reduces the risk of electric

shock providing an escape wire for the electric current.





The appliance is equipped with a mains lead which



includes an earth wire for connecting to the earth terminal



of your mains plug.




The plug must be plugged into a socket that is properly



installed and earthed.




*The wires in this mains lead are coloured in accordance



with the following code:




Green and yellow

: Earth




: Neutral




: Live



AS the colours of the wires in the mains lead of this appliance may not correspond with the coloured markings indentifying the terminals in your plug,

proceed as follows.



• Connect the green and yellow wire to the terminal

in the plug marked with the letter E or the earth



symbol (





) or coloured green or green-and-





















Ensure that the plug and power

• Connect the blue wire to the terminal marked


cord are not damaged before use. If

with the letter N or coloured black.


you have any reason to remove the

• Connect the brown wire to the terminal marked


moulded plug from this appliance,

with the letter L or coloured red.


immediately remove the fuse and

* Consult a qualified electrician or service technician


dispose of the plug.



Do not connect the plug to a mains

if in doubt about any of these instructions.



socket under any circumstances as

The manufacturer of this washing machine will



there is a danger of electric shock.

not accept any liability for damage to persons or




material for non observance of these requirements.



There are no user serviceable parts inside the


Your washing machine should be

washing machine and if the mains lead of this


operated on a separate circuit


from other appliances. Failure to

appliance is damaged, it must only be replaced by



do this may cause the circuit

qualified service personnel approved by the



breaker to trip or the fuse to blow.

manufacturer because special tools are required.




SAMSUNG Washing Machine Owners Instructions 5