cleaning and maintaining your washing machine

Cleaning the debris filter

We recommend cleaning the debris filter 5 or 6 times a year, or when the error message of “5E” is displayed. (Refer to “Draining the washing machine in an emergency” in the previous section.)

If foreign substances accumulate debris filter, the performance of the bubble function will be degraded.



Before cleaning the debris filter, make sure to unplug the power cord.

1.Remove the remaining water first (refer to “Draining the washing machine in an emergency” on page 33.)

If you separate the filter without draining the remaining water, the remaining water may trickle out.

2. Open the filter cover by using a key or coin.

3.Unscrew the emergency drain cap by turning it to the left

and drain off all the water.


4. Unscrew the debris filter cap.

Debris filter cap

5.Wash any dirt or other material from the debris filter. Make

sure the drain pump propeller behind the debris filter is not blocked.

6. Replace the debris filter cap.

7. Replace the filter cover.

Do not open the debris filter cap while the machine is running or hot water may flow out.

Make sure to replace the filter cap after the filter cleaning. If the filter is out of the machine, your washing machine may malfunction or leak water.

The filter should be fully assembled after the filter cleaning.

Cleaning the exterior

1.Wipe the washing machine surfaces, including the control panel, with a soft cloth using a nonabrasive household detergent.

2.Use a soft cloth to dry the surfaces.

3.Do not pour water onto the washing machine.

34_ cleaning and maintaining your washing machine





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