troubleshooting and information codes

Check these points if your washing machine...





Will not start

Make sure your washing machine is plugged in.


Make sure the door is firmly closed.


Make sure the water source tap(s) are turned on.


Make sure to press the Start/Pause button.

Has no water or not enough

Turn the water tap on fully.


Make sure the water source hose is not frozen.


Straighten the water intake hoses.


Clean the filter on the water intake hose.

Has detergent remaining in

Make sure your washing machine is running with sufficient water

the detergent drawer after


the wash cycle is complete

Make sure the detergent is added to the center of the detergent



Vibrates or is too noisy

Make sure your washing machine is on a level surface. If the surface


is not level, adjust the washing machine feet to level the appliance.


Make sure that the shipping bolts are removed.


Make sure your washing machine is not touching any other object.


Make sure the laundry load is balanced.

The washing machine does

Straighten the drain hose. Eliminate kinked hoses.

not drain and/or spin

Make sure the debris filter is not clogged.

Door is locked shut or will

The door will not open until 3 minutes after the machine stops or the

not open.

power turns off.



If the problem persists, contact your local Samsung Customer Service.

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