troubleshooting and information codes

Information codes

If your washing machine malfunctions, you may see an information code on the display. If this happens, please check the table below and try the suggested solution before calling Customer Service.






Make sure the door is firmly closed.

Make sure that laundry is not caught in the door.



Make sure the source water tap is turned on.


Check the water pressure.


Clean the mesh filters of water hose.


Clean the debris filter.


Make sure the drainage hose is installed correctly.


Clean the water hose mesh filter.


The laundry load is unbalanced. Redistribute the load. If only one item


of clothing needs washing, such as a bathrobe or pair of jeans, the

final spin result might be unsatisfactory and an “UE” error message



will be shown in the display window.


Call the after-sales service.



For any codes not listed above, or if the suggested solution doesn’t fix the problem, call your Samsung Service Centre or local Samsung dealer.

38_ troubleshooting and information codes





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