Transferring Footage from the SONY DCR-HC21

The DV format video recor ded by the So ny Ha ndyCam need s to be tr ansferr ed off the MiniDV t ape to be edit ed
o r viewed elsew here. A computer is used t o “capt ur e” the video, and co nvert to a more r eadily playable format.
There are a var iet y of o ptio ns for t r ansferring movie footage from the So ny Handycam to a computer. The So ny
P icture P ackage Softwar e inc luded w ith t he camera is o ne o ption. The Video Capt ur ing Tool part of the
package will captu r e outp ut via a USB cable a nd convert to AVI format , which can then be ed ited, converted,
and burned to DVD. Inst r uctions for using this software are included on the CD.
Anot her alt er native for Windo ws users is WinDV WinDV is a small a nd eas y to use
Windows app lication (98SE/ME/2000/XP) for capturing videos from DV camcorders int o AVI-files and for
reco r ding AVI- files into DV devices, via FireWire ( IEEE 1394) interface (USB not supported). This software
can be do wnloaded for free, but has no support /help. You can find several how-to ’s on line for using it.
If you wo uld like to use Mann Librar y computers fo r conversio n/ editing, the fo llowing options exist. The Mac
o pt io ns are generally recommended. Please allow adequate time fo r capturing and co nverting vid eo. The
capt ur e process requ ires video to be played/captured in real t ime, the ed iting process can be comple x, and
burning DVDs can requ ire patience. Limit ed as s istance is available for basic over view o f the steps described.
P lease refer clo se l y t o this gu ide a nd t he software help files. If yo u need help after r eviewing these steps, p lease
submit a Mann Libr ary consultat ion request form well in advan c e.

Windows (XP and Vista)

Captur e Video
Export to DVD


Using iMovie/iDVD
Captur e/E dit Video
Create/Des ign DVD
Automatic Capt ur e/Movie Cr eatio n (w ith tit le, t r ansitions, so undtr ack)
Burn Direct to DVD from Camera
Create Magic iDVD (with s elected themes, co nt ent and so undtr ack)
Using Creation Station DVD Record er

Windows Movie Maker (WMM)

This soft war e comes installed with Windows XP and Vista, and provide s basic too ls for captur ing vid eo, simp le
ed iting, and co nvers ion. If yo u have a computer wit h a Firew ire port ( sometimes re ferr ed to as iLink or IEEE
1394), you can capture video in AVI format , which retains the fu ll qualit y/reso lutio n or ig inally reco rded. I f you
use a USB cable, you o nly have t he o pt io n o f capturing in Windo ws Med ia format ( wmv), a smaller co mpressed
fo rmat su itable for playback on computers but with more limited edita bil ity or re- use. The WMM help offers
det ailed info rmation o n using t he software.
Capturing Video ( may var y dep ending on yo ur configuration):
1. Mak e su re ca mera i s ful ly pow ered ( AC cor d firmly at tached or fresh charged battery)
2. Turn camera on and set to Play/Edit mode
3. In sert Tap e
4. Connect camera (DV po rt ) and computer (Firewire pr eferably, or USB)
5. Allo w computer to reco gnize n ew ha rdware
6. Start Windows Movie Maker (if not offered option after connecting, start from Pro grams menu)