Congratulations on your purchase of a Toshiba DVD-RAM drive and Kit. The
following information will help you in the simple installation of your new DVD-
RAM drive.
Please unpack your DVD-RAM kit, and assure that you have the following items:
!Toshiba SD-W2002 DVD-RAM Drive
!Blank Media - Single Sided/Type 1 DVD-RAM
!CyberLink PowerDVD Software
!VOB InstantWrite Software CD
!DVD-RAM Installation Instructions (this manual)
!Quick Start Guide
!Mounting screws (4)
!IDE BUS cable
!DVD/CD sound cable
Additional items you may need that are not included in the kit are:
!Phillips Screwdriver
!Mounting hardware (i.e. some computer systems use mounting rails).
The DVD-RAM kit requires the following:
At least 55MB of free hard disk space
At least 32MB of RAM
*Pentium II processor at 266MHz or higher or....
*Celeron 300A processor or higher or....
*K6-2 processor at 300MHz or higher
Display card supporting DirectDraw
16-bit or better sound card
Microsoft Windows 95 or higher
Amplified stereo speakers
* These requirements are only required if you are using the CyberLink PowerDVD
software. The SD-W2002 DVD-RAM will work as a CD-ROM and DVD-RAM
when using a lower speed Pentium system.