TRENDnet 1206, v.92 PCI MODEM user manual 2 Hardware Installation, Model -1 Internal modem diagram

Models: 1206 v.92 PCI MODEM

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Section 2.2 Hardware Installation


Section 2.2 Hardware Installation

Please refer to Fig. 2 - 1 and proceed to following steps for how to insert your modem into the computer and connect telephone wire and audio accessories.

Model: I206

FIGURE 2-1 Internal modem diagram

1.Turn off and unplug your computer from the AC outlet.

2.Unplug any peripheral devices (keyboard, monitor, etc.) from your computer to avoid the risk of electric shock.

3.Take the cover off your computer, review computer's manual if you need further instructions.

4.Find an empty PCI slot.

5.Unscrew the PCI slot bracket and save the screw, then remove the bracket.

6.Plug the modem into the PCI slot carefully until the modem is properly seated.

7.Fasten the modem bracket firmly with the screw saved in step 5.

8.Reassemble your computer cover and re-plug cables for peripheral.

9.Plug one end of telephone cord into the "LINE" jack at the modem's bracket. Plug another end of the telephone cord into the telephone wall jack

10.Some models may comprise a phone jack for an optional telephone. If you wish to use a phone through the same telephone wall jack when the modem is not in use, plug the telephone cord of the phone into "PHONE" jack at the modem's bracket now. Lift the handset and listen for a dial tone to check for a properly connection.

11.Plug the power cord into the computer and turn the computer on.

12.Up to now, the hardware installation had been finished. If you have not encountered any problems, you can go to Section 2.3 System Setup. If you are having problems, see Section 3 Troubleshooting.

NOTE: The telephone wall jack you use must be for an ANALOG phone line (the type found in most homes). Many offices are equipped with digital phone lines. Please be sure you know which type of line you have. The modem will be damaged if you use a digital phone line.


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TRENDnet 1206, v.92 PCI MODEM 2 Hardware Installation, Model -1 Internal modem diagram, I206 V.92 PCI MODEM USER’S MANUAL