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3. Testing

1. Remove the existing fixture.
2. After screwing the sensor into the wall plate, connect the junc-
tion box wires to the light control wires as shown in Figure 1:
• Black sensor wire to the black (HOT) house wire.
White sensor wire to all white (NEUTRAL) house and lamp
Red (SWITCHED HOT) sensor wire to black lamp wires.
3. Mount light fixture according to the instructions that came with
your fixture.

2. Aiming

Figure 2 - Coverage Angles
8 Ft.
100 Ft.
Figure 1 - Wiring Sensor Head
ReplacementSensor Head


Total Lighting Wattage ..Up to 500 Watts Maximum Incandescent
Range .........................up to 70 ft.; up to 100 ft. with Range Boost
Time Delay ........................................................1, 5, or 20 minutes
DUALBRITE® ....................................Off, 3, 6 hours, Dusk-to-Dawn
CAUTION: This product is to be used with a U.L. listed rain
tight or wet location suitable outlet box. Depending on the
installation, additional hardware may be required.
Note: Installation of this light control should be done only by
those with experience in 120 Volt household wiring. Install in
accordance with local codes. Some local codes may require that
a licensed electrician install the light control.
Models 3009701 / 3209996

1. Installation

CAUTION: Always turn the circuit breaker off when wir-
ing the fixture.
For motion sensing, put the ON-TIME switch on the bottom of
the sensor in the 1, 5, or 20 minute position. When motion is detected,
the lights will come on the selected time. Note: The photocell keeps
the lights from turning on in daylight.
To keep lights on all night, flip the light switch off for 1 second
then back on. To return the sensor to the motion sensing mode, flip
the light switch off for 1 second then back on. At dawn, the control
will return to the motion sensing mode and shut off.
For accent lighting, set the DUALBRITE® switch to the 3, 6, or
Dusk-to-Dawn setting. The lights will turn on dim at sundown for
the set time. When motion is sensed the lights will turn on full bright
for the set ON-TIME period. The lights will return to dim during the
set DUALBRITE® period.

4. Operation

Turn the power back on at the circuit breaker. Turn the light
switch on.
Note: When first turned on wait about 1 1/2 minutes for the circuitry
to calibrate.
Put the ON-TIME switch on the bottom of the sensor in the TEST
position. You can now walk in front of the unit and the lights will come
on for about 5 seconds. The TEST mode works both day and night.
Walk through the coverage area and point the sensor to obtain the
desired coverage area. Adjust sensitivity as needed. Use RANGE
BOOST only if required.
The coverage area for the sensor is shown in Figure 2. The sensor
should be aimed so that the motion to be detected is in front of and
across the coverage area. The sensor should be aimed looking out
at a horizontal angle. To reduce false triggering, point the sensor
away from traffic areas, air conditioners, dryer vents, water pools,
or anything which may move or change temperature rapidly.
This light control automatically turns on lights when motion is
detected. On-time is selectable from Off, 1, 5, or 20 minutes. A
photocell keeps the lights off during the day. Patented DUALBRITE®
timer provides accent lighting.
CAUTION: Do not mount the sensor above or touching
the lamps. Keep regular PAR-38 lamps at least 1" (25 mm)
from the sensor. Halogen lamps should be kept at least
2" (51 mm) from the sensor. The sensor bottom must be
facing down for best coverage and to avoid water damage
and electrical shock.
Note: For under-eave installation, rotate the sensor head 180° by
bending the sensor towards the clamp bracket. Rotate the sensor
bottom clockwise away from the bracket.
BLACK Sensor Wire and
BLACK Junction Box Wire
All WHITE Wires
RED Sensor Wire and
BLACK Lamp Wires
Optional: Connect additional load across the white and
red sensor wires. Total lighting load including lamp-
heads on fixture(s) must not exceed 500W (4.2A).
Junction Box