FR-8 and FR-16 Remote Control Operating Manual


The FR-8 and FR-16 are Ethernet-based remote controllers for all Ashly NE (network enabled)
products with DSP capabilities. Each fader and it’s push button LED can be programmed to adjust
signal level, select input source, or mute the signal. The FR remotes are ideal for networked sound
systems in meeting rooms, houses of worship, courtrooms, or other applications where simple but pro-
grammable real-time level control is required.
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Toll-Free: (800) 828-6308 Fax: (585) 872-0739


8 or 16 Assignable Faders with Master
Push Button Switches with LED
Mute/Unmute per Fader
A/B Source Select per Fader (optional)
Two Signal Level Indicators per Fader
User Dened Signal Level LED Threshold
Assignable Fader Scaling
Front Panel Lockout
Communication Failure Indicator
Automatic IP Addressing
User Dened Label Inserts
Wall Box or Panel Cut-Out Mounting


Ethernet Network
IEEE 802.3af Power Over Ethernet (class 2)
Ashly NE DSP Device
PC Running
Microsoft® Windows 7,
Vista, or XP, 32 & 64 bit
Proteane Software v5.11 or Higher

Compatible Devices

NE Two-Channel Ampliers (with DSP)
NE Multi-Channel Ampliers (with DSP)
NE4800 and NE 8800 DSP Processors
Pema Ampliers