System Recovery Options
Dell Factory Image Restore
CAUTION: Using Dell Factory Image
Restore permanently deletes all data on
the hard drive and removes any programs
or drivers installed after you received
your computer. If possible, back up the
data before using these options. Use Dell
Factory Image Restore only if System
Restore did not resolve your operating
system problem.
CAUTION: Dell Factory Image Restore is
not available if the hard drive is formatted
or partitioned using the Operating System
NOTE: Dell Factory Image Restore may
not be available in certain countries or on
certain computers.
Use Dell Factory Image Restore only as the
last method to restore your operating system.
These options restore your hard drive to the
operating state it was in when you purchased
the computer. Any programs or files added
since you received your computer—including
data files—are permanently deleted from
the hard drive. Data files include documents,
spreadsheets, e-mail messages, digital photos,
music files, and so on. If possible, back up all
data before using Factory Image Restore.
Dell Factory Image Restore
Turn on the computer. When the Dell logo 1.
appears, press <F8> several times to access
the Vista Advanced Boot Options window.
Select 2. Repair Your Computer.
The 3. System Recovery Options window
Select a keyboard layout and click 4. Next.
To access the recovery options, log on as a 5.
local user. To access the command prompt,
type administrator in the User name
field, then click OK.