Getting Help
Before You Call
NOTE: Have your Express Service Code
ready when you call. The code helps Dell’s
automated-support telephone system direct
your call more efficiently. You may also be
asked for your Service Tag.
Remember to fill out the following Diagnostics
Checklist. If possible, turn on your computer
before you call Dell for assistance and call from
a telephone at or near the computer. You may be
asked to type some commands at the keyboard,
relay detailed information during operations, or
try other troubleshooting steps possible only at
the computer itself. Ensure that the computer
documentation is available.
Diagnostic Checklist
Phone number:•
Service Tag (bar code on the top of the •
Express Service Code:•
Return Material Authorization Number (if •
provided by Dell support technician):
Operating system and version:•
Expansion cards:•
Are you connected to a network? Yes/No•
Network, version, and network adapter:•
Programs and versions:•
See your operating system documentation
to determine the contents of the computer’s
start-up files. If the computer is connected to