Electrolux 55750 manual Remedying faults, Error codes and possible causes

Models: 55750

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If you call out an engineer to a fault listed below or to repair a fault caused by incorrect use or installation a charge will be made even if the appliance is in guarantee.

Remedying faults

Certain problems are due to lack of simple maintenance or oversights, which can be solved easily without calling out an engineer. Before contacting your local Service Force Centre, please carryout the checks listed below.


The drain pump runs continually even when the ap￿ pliance is switched off.

-The water protection system has been triggered. First close the water taps, and then pull out the mains plug or switch off or turn out the fuses. Call AEG Service Force.

The program does not start.

-Are the fuses of the fixed installation in order? Is the appliance connected to the electrical supply?

-Has the door been properly closed? Press the door shut until the door lock latches in.

-Has the pre-select start time been set?

The machine does not fill with water.

-Is the water tap completely open?

-Is the water tap blocked? Open and close the water tap several times.

-Is the strainer in the hose fitting to the water tap blocked? Clean the strainer if necessary.

-Is the inlet hose kinked? Check the hose run.

-Is a minimum water flow pressure of 1 bar availa￿ ble?

The program sequence display remains static at the start of the cleaning

-Is the water tap completely open?

-Is the strainer in the hose fitting at the water tap blocked? Clean if necessary.

The water is not pumped away

-Is the drain hose kinked? Check the run of the hose (see the "Water Drainage" section).

-Is the sink drain blocked? Clear any blockages. The crockery is not clean

-Have you selected a program that is suitable for the type and degree of soiling of your crockery? (see Program Chart)

-Have you arranged the crockery so that the sprayed water has access to all surfaces, both in￿ ternal and external? The crockery baskets must not be overfilled.

-Was the spray arm blocked by crockery or pieces of cutlery?

-Are the spray arm nozzles clean?

-Are all the filters in the bese of your dishwasher clean? Have the filters been installed correctly?

-Have you used the correct amount of detergent?

-Is the drain hose correctly filted.

-Is the on-site sink drain blocked?

-Is there salt in the salt dispenser? Without it, the water will not be softened. Lime deposits can form on your crockery and in the machine.

-Has the water softener system been set to the local water hardness?

The crockery is not dry, and has no sparkle.

-Is there rinse aid in the dispenser?

-Has the salt dosage been correctly set?

Glasses and dishes have streaks, stripes, milky blot￿ ches or blue-coloured bloom.

-The rinse aid is being overdosed. Set a lower rinse aid dosage

Glasses and dishes have dried-on "water drops".

-The rinse aid is being underdosed. Set the rinse aid dosage higher.

-Is the lid of the salt container properly closed? Rust marks can be seen in the washing area.

-The dishwasher interior is made of stainless steel. Rust marks inside the dishwasher are caused by external rust (rust particles from the water pi￿ ping, from pans, cutlery etc.). Remove such marks using a commercially-available stainless steel cleaner.

-Was the "Pre-rinse" program started immediately after refilling the salt?

Error codes and possible causes

A= Water tap closed, inlet hose filter blocked

C= Drain hose, coarse or fine strainer or sink trap blocked

E= Water pressure too low, water tap not comple- tely opened, inlet hose or inlet new filter is blocked, machine losing water.

E2 = Call AEG Service force

H= Call AEG Service force L = Call AEG Service force


Page 21
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Electrolux 55750 manual Remedying faults, Error codes and possible causes