7.If the nozzle check pattern has no gaps in its dots, click Finish.

If the pattern is missing dots, click Clean to clean the print head again. If you don’t see any improvement after cleaning three or four times, check the solutions in “Problems Getting Good Print Quality” on page 55. You can also turn the printer off and wait overnight—this allows any dried ink to soften—and then try cleaning the print head again.

Using the Control Panel to Clean the Print Head

Follow the steps below to clean the print head. (See page 49 for more control panel information.)

1.Make sure the printer is turned on but not printing, and both the B black and A color ink out lights are off. (If an ink out light is flashing, replace the ink cartridge before continuing.)

2.Press the R cleaning button and hold it down

for three seconds. Cleaning takes about

30 seconds, during which the printer makes some noise and the Ppower light flashes.

cleaning button

Never turn off the printer while the Ppower light is flashing, unless the printer hasn’t moved or made noise for more than 5 minutes.

3.After the Ppower light stops flashing, print a page to test the print quality.

If your printer is connected directly to the computer, go to step 4 to run a nozzle check.

If you’re printing over a network, open an application and print a short document containing black and color data. Check the quality of your printout, then go to step 8.

4.If you have an application running, access the printer settings dialog box as described on page 15 (Windows) or page 20 (Macintosh).