Extron electronic MMX 62 Four, Remote Control, Operation, cont’d, Genlock Sync, System Reset

Models: MMX 42 MMX 62

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Operation, cont’d

Operation, cont’d

Front Panel Security Lockout (Executive Mode)

When front panel is locked, the front panel input and Configuration buttons' functions are blocked. To toggle the front panel lock on or off, press and hold down the Output and Configuration buttons for more than 3 seconds. All LEDs flash to indicate that the command has been accepted.

NWhen the front panel is locked, you still can view the tied inputs by pressing the Outputs button to toggle between the selection of output 1 and output 2.

Genlock Sync

When switching between inputs, the resulting image change should be seamless and clean. The MMX switchers reference the external sync signal on input #1 to synchronize switching during the vertical interval. This allows vertical interval switching between genlocked sources. Without the external sync locking feature, switching between inputs can result in a brief rolling (sync loss) or a brief change in the picture size.

System Reset

To reset the unit to factory defaults, press and hold the Config button while power is applied. This resets the audio input settings to unity (0 dB) and connects input 1 to outputs 1 and 2, audio and video. The audio and video Config LEDs are lit.

Troubleshooting — If No Image Appears


Ensure that all devices are plugged in and powered on.


The switcher is receiving power if the Power LED is lit.


Ensure an active input and output are selected on the


MMX switcher.


Ensure that the proper signal format is supplied.


Check to see if the output is muted via an SIS command.


Check the cabling and make corrections as necessary.


Call the Extron S3 Sales & Technical Support Hotline if


necessary. See the rear cover of this manual for the phone


number in your region of the world.

Front Panel Security Lockout (Executive Mode)Genlock Sync MMX 42/62 Series Matrix Switchers


Remote Control

Simple Instruction Set Control

Windows®-Based Program Control

3-4 MMX 42/62 Series Matrix Switchers • Operation
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Extron electronic MMX 62, MMX 42 Four, Remote Control, Operation, cont’d, Front Panel Security Lockout Executive Mode