HP 19" Color Monitor User’s Guide

Using Your Monitor

Minimizing Eye Strain

To avoid screen flicker and minimize eye strain, use the highest supported image refresh rate for the chosen resolution. It is recommended that you use a refresh rate of 85 Hz. The image refresh rate is the number of times per second that the image is refreshed.

Minimizing Energy Consumption

If your computer supports VESA monitor power management (available on many HP computers), you can minimize the power consumed by the monitor.

There are two power saving modes:

Suspend mode 1 (uses less than 10 W).

Active off mode 2 (uses less than 3 W). In this mode, the monitor’s front panel

indicator light blinks slowly in green.

To set these power saving modes, refer to the manual that came with your computer. If your screen is not displaying an image, check the front panel indicator light first — your monitor may be in a power saving mode.

What Video Modes are Supported

Your monitor comes with the standard modes shown in the table below. It also supports intermediate video modes. With the intermediate modes, the displayed image may need to be optimized using the buttons on the front panel. All modes are non- interlaced. Your monitor is GTF* compatible.


Refresh rate/Hz








60, 85







1024 x 768

75, 85



1280 x 1024

75, 85, GTF



1600 x 1200

75, 85



*GTF stands for General Timing Formula.

1Suspend mode is activated when vertical sync is cut by the video controller.

2Active off mode is activated when both vertical and horizontal sync are cut by the video controller.

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