HP 19" Color Monitor User’s Guide

Using Your Monitor

Using Your Monitor

1Press the power switch to turn the monitor on or off.

2When the power is turned on, the power-on indicator will light up. The light indicates the operating state:

Green: The monitor is in normal operation.

Red: The monitor is in the active off state.

Off: The monitor is turned off at the power switch or disconnected from the mains outlet.

If the power management function of your computer is working properly, you do not need to switch the monitor off or on. This occurs automatically.

Pressing the button activates the monitor’s on-screen menu. This menu contains the monitor’s various adjustment features.

Select a feature using the and buttons. Scroll to the adjustment feature you

require and then press to access the menu.

To adjust the required feature, use the and buttons until the desired changes are complete.

Menu language

1When you press the button for the first time, the Menu language menu appears on the screen.

2Select a language with the and buttons and press the button to activate your choice.

English 5