HP 19" Color Monitor User’s Guide

What Your New Monitor Offers

What Your New Monitor Offers

Your HP monitor is a FD Trinitron 19-inch (18-inch viewable image), high resolution, multi-synchronous color monitor. Multi-synchronous means that the monitor supports a range of video modes. It is optimized to be used with all Hewlett-Packard computers.

Your HP color monitor has the following features:

A 19-inch FD Trinitron tube, with a 18-inch viewable image, and 0.25 mm dot pitch for excellent graphics. Anti-glare, multilayer coating to minimize reflection.

Support of video modes up to 1600 x 1200 at 85 Hz refresh rates.

Image adjustment using on-screen display menus. Includes color adjustment and image manipulation controls to optimize the quality and position of the image.

Improved color matching using the sRGB color temperature profile: this can significantly improve color matching with other system devices (printer, computer software, scanner, etc) using sRGB standard color space.

Monitor power management system (VESA1 standard) controlled from suitably

equipped HP computers to automatically reduce the power consumption of the monitor. As an ENERGY STAR2 partner, HP has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency

Monitor Plug and Play capability (VESA DDC1/2Bi standard) that enables the monitor to identify itself to suitably equipped HP computers.

Compliance with ISO 9241-3/-7/-8 ergonomic standards.

Complies with MPRIII, level A guidelines for upper limits of electrical and electrostatic emissions, from the Swedish National Board for Measurement and Testing.

Your HP monitor complies with TCO99 requirements, refer to the last pages of this manual for more information.

1VESA is the Video Electronics Standards Association

2ENERGY STAR is trademark of United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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