HP 19" Color Monitor User’s Guide

Using Your Monitor

Vertical and horizontal convergence

A white line on the screen is made up of red, green and blue lines. If there are no convergence errors on the picture, the lines will be exactly overlaid and the resulting color is white. If there is a serious convergence error, separate red, green or blue lines will be seen instead of white.

With Horizontal conv you may minimize the error in vertical lines.

With Vertical conv you may minimize the error in horizontal lines.


The interference on the screen can be reduced with the help of moire adjustment. Boost the moire adjustment until the interference pattern is acceptable.

Moire adjustment slightly reduces picture sharpness. Return the adjustment to zero if there is no risk of moire interference.

Default sharpness

This function restores the factory defaults and deletes user made settings for:

Vertical conv, Horizontal conv, Moire

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