To locate a particular track (for CD) or folder (for MP3 or WMA discs) directly

To select a number from 01 – 06:

To select a number from 07 – 12:


First time you press +10 or –10 button, the track skips to the nearest higher or lower track with a track number of multiple ten (ex. 10th, 20th, 30th).

Then each time you press the button, you can skip 10 tracks.

After the last track, the first track will be selected and vice versa.


To use folder search on MP3/WMA discs, it is required that folders are assigned with

2-digits number at the beginning of their folder names—01, 02, 03, and so on.

To select a particular track in a folder (for MP3 or WMA disc) after selecting a folder:


Prohibiting disc ejection

You can lock a disc in the loading slot.

Other main functions

Skipping a track quickly during play

For MP3 or WMA disc, you can skip a track within the same folder.

Ex.: To select track 32 while playing track 6


To cancel the prohibition, repeat the same procedure.