How to read this manual

The following methods are used to made the explanations simple and easy-to-understand:

Some related tips and notes are explained in “More about this receiver” (see pages 26 and 27).

Button operations are mainly explained with the illustrations as follows:

Press briefly.

Press repeatedly.

How to use the M MODE button

If you press M MODE, the receiver goes into functions mode, then the number buttons and

5/buttons work as different function buttons.

Ex.: When number button 2 works as MO (monaural) button.

Press either one.

Press and hold until your desired response begins.

Press and hold both buttons at the same time.

The following marks are used to indicate...

: Built-in CD player operations.

: External CD changer operations.

Time countdown indicator

To use these buttons for original functions again after pressing M MODE, wait for

5 seconds without pressing any of these buttons until the functions mode is cleared.

Pressing M MODE again also clears the functions mode.

Caution on volume setting:

Discs produce very little noise compared with other sources. Lower the volume before playing a disc to avoid damaging the speakers by the sudden increase of the output level.