More about this receiver


Basic operations Turning on the power

By pressing SOURCE on the receiver, you can also turn on the power.

Turning off the power

If you turn off the power while listening to a disc, disc play will start from where playback has been stopped previously, next time you turn on the power.

Selecting the sources

When no disc is loaded in the receiver, “CD” cannot be selected.

Without connecting to the CD changer, “CD-CH” cannot be selected.

Tuner operations Storing stations in memory

During SSM search...

All previously stored stations are erased and stations are stored newly.

Received stations are preset in No. 1 (lowest frequency) to No. 6 (highest frequency).

When SSM is over, the station stored in No. 1 will be automatically tuned in.

When storing a station manually, a previously preset station is erased when a new station is stored in the same preset number.

Disc operations


This receiver has been designed to reproduce CDs/CD Texts, and CD-Rs (Recordable)/ CD-RWs (Rewritable) in audio CD (CD-DA), MP3 and WMA format.

When a disc has been loaded, selecting “CD” for the playback source starts disc play.

Inserting a disc

When a disc is inserted upside down,

“PLEASE” and “EJECT” appear alternately on the display. Press 0 to eject the disc.

Do not insert 8 cm discs (single CD) and unusual shape discs (heart, flower, etc.) into the loading slot.

Playing a disc

While fast-forwarding or reversing on an MP3 or WMA disc, you can only hear intermittent sounds.

Playing a CD-R or CD-RW

Use only “finalized” CD-Rs or CD-RWs.

This receiver can play back only the files of the same type which is first detected if a disc includes both audio CD (CD-DA) files and MP3/WMA files.

This receiver can play back multi-session discs; however, unclosed sessions will be skipped while playing.

Some CD-Rs or CD-RWs may not play back on this receiver because of their disc characteristics, and for the following causes:

Discs are dirty or scratched.

Moisture condensation occurs on the lens inside the receiver.

The pickup lens inside the receiver is dirty.

CD-R/CD-RW on which the files are written with “Packet Write” method.

There are improper recording conditions (missing data, etc.) or media conditions (stain, scratch, warp, etc.).

CD-RWs may require a longer readout time since the reflectance of CD-RWs is lower than that of regular CDs.

Do not use the following CD-Rs or CD-RWs:

Discs with stickers, labels, or protective seal stuck to the surface.

Discs on which labels can be directly printed by an ink jet printer.

Using these discs under high temperatures or high humidities may cause malfunctions or damages to discs.