MP3/WMA playback






• Disc cannot be played

No MP3/WMA tracks are

Change the disc.



recorded on the disc.












MP3/WMA tracks do not

Add the extension code



have the extension code

<.mp3> or <.wma> to their



<.mp3> or <.wma> in their

file names.



file names.












MP3/WMA tracks are not

Change the disc.



recorded in the format

(Record MP3/WMA



compliant with ISO 9660

tracks using a compliant



Level 1, Level 2, Romeo, or















• Noise is generated.

The track played back is not

Skip to another track or



an MP3/WMA file (although

change the disc. (Do not add



it has the extension code

the extension code <.mp3>



<.mp3> or <.wma>).

or <.wma> to non-MP3 or




WMA tracks.)








• A longer readout time is

Readout time varies due to

Do not use too many


required (“CHECK” keeps

the complexity of the folder/

hierarchies and folders.


flashing on the display).

file configuration.











• Tracks cannot be played

Playback order is determined





back as you have intended

when the files are recorded.









them to play.












• Elapsed playing time is

This sometimes occurs





not correct.

during play. This is caused






by how the tracks are






recorded on the disc.











• “NO FILES” appears on

The current disc does not

Insert a disc that contains


the display.

contain any MP3/WMA

MP3/WMA tracks.














• Correct characters are

This receiver can only





not displayed (e.g. album

display alphabets (capital:






A – Z), numbers, and a






limited number of symbols.