Other main functions


Assigning titles to the sources

This section is only for KD-G615.

You can assign titles to station frequencies and CDs (both in this receiver and in the CD changer).

3Assign a title.
1 Select a character.
SourcesMaximum number of




FM/AM tuner

Up to 8 characters (up


to 30 station frequencies


including both FM and






Up to 32 characters (up to


30 discs)

2Move to the next (or previous) character position.

* You cannot assign a title to a CD Text or an

MP3/WMA disc.

3 Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you



1 Select the sources.
finish entering the title.


• For FM/AM tuner: Tune in to a station.

4 Finish the procedure.

• For a CD in this receiver: Insert a CD.

• For CDs in the CD changer: Select


“CD-CH,” then select a disc number.


2 Enter the title assignment mode.




To erase the entire title



In step 2 on the left...





Ex.: When you select CD as the source