Disc operations

Playing a disc in the receiver

All tracks will be played repeatedly until you change the source or eject the disc.

About MP3 and WMA discs

MP3 and WMA (Windows Media® Audio) “tracks” (words “file” and “track” are used interchangeably) are recorded in “folders.”

When inserting an MP3 or a WMA disc:

Total folder

Total track



Disc information appears automatically (see page 16).

Current track

Clock number

Selected folder number

*1 Either the MP3 or WMA indicator lights up depending on the detected file.

When inserting an audio CD or a CD Text disc:

Total playing time

Total track number

of the inserted disc

of the inserted disc

CD Text: Disc title/performer =Track title appears automatically (see page 16).

Current track

Clock*2 number

*2 Elapsed playing time appears for a while if the current disc is an audio CD.

To stop play and eject the disc