General Notes
In general, you will have the best performance by keeping
your CDs, cassette tapes and the mechanism clean.
Store CDs and cassette tapes in their cases, and keep
them in cabinets or on shelves.
Keep the CD disc tray, and the cassette tapes tray
closed when not in use.
Handling CDs
Only CDs bearing this mark can be
used with this system. However,
continued use of irregular shape
CDs (e.g. heart shape, octagonal)
can damage the system.
Remove the CD from its case by
holding it at the edge while
pressing the center hole lightly.
Do not touch the shiny surface of
the disc, or bend the CD.
Put the CD back in its case after
use to prevent warping.
Be careful not to scratch the
surface of the CD when placing it
back in its case.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight,
temperature extremes, and
To clean the CD
Wipe the CD with a soft cloth in a
straight line from center to edge.
DO NOT use any solvent — such as conventional
record cleaner, spray, thinner, or benzine — to
clean the CD.
Maintenance and Additional Information
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