Finance: Stock market reports, commerce, trading
Children: Programs targeted at a young audience.
Social: Programs about sociology, history,
geography, psychology and society.
Religion: Religious programs.
Phone In: Involving members of the public expressing
their views either by phone or at a public
Travel: Travel information.
Leisure: Programs about recreational activities.
Jazz: Jazz music.
Country: Songs which originate from, or continue the
musical tradition of the American Southern
Nation M: Current popular music of the nation or
region in that country’s language.
Oldies: Music from the so-called “golden age” of
popular music.
Folk M: Music which has its roots in the musical
culture of a particular nation.
Document: Program concerning factual matters,
presented in an investigative style.
Test: Broadcast when testing emergency
broadcast equipment or receivers.
Alarm!: Emergency announcement.
Description of the PTY codes:
News: News.
Affairs: Topical program expanding or enlarging
upon the news — debate or analysis.
Info: Program the purpose of which is to impart
advice in the widest sense.
Sport: Program concerned with any aspect of
Educate: Educational programs.
Drama: All radio plays and serials.
Culture: Programs concerning any aspect of national
or regional culture, including language,
Science: Programs about natural sciences and
Varied: Used for mainly speech-based programs
like quizzes, panel games and personality
Pop M: Commercial music of current popular
Rock M: Rock music.
Easy M: Current contemporary music considered to
be “easy-listening.”
Light M: Instrumental music, and vocal or choral
Classics: Performances of major orchestral works,
symphonies, chamber music, etc.
Other M: Music not fitting into any of the other
Weather: Weather reports and forecasts.
Classification of the PTY codes for some FM
stations may be different from the above list.
EN14-23.UX-G6R[B]/5 99.11.30, 16:0519