If you are having a problem with your system, check this list for a possible solution before calling for service.
If you cannot solve the problem from the hints given here, or the units has been physically damaged, call a qualified
person, such as your dealer, for service.
No sound is heard.
Poor radio reception.
Unable to record onto a tape.
The CD skips.
Unable to operate using the remote
Loaded CD and tape cannot be
The CD does not play.
Operations are disabled.
Possible Cause
Connections are incorrect, or
Headphones are connected.
Volume level is set to “– –”.
The antenna is not connected
The AM loop antenna is too close
to the units.
The FM antenna is not properly
extended and positioned.
The AM radio noise interferes
with tape recording.
You are using a tape without a
protect tab.
Tape-type detection slots are
covered by foreign matters.
The CD is dirty or scratched.
The path between the remote
control and the remote sensor on
the front panel is blocked.
The batteries have lost their
The main AC power cord is not
plugged in.
The system is under the recording
The CD is upside down.
The built-in microprocessor has
malfunctioned due to external
electrical interference.
Check all connections and make
corrections (see pages 6 – 9).
Disconnect the headphones (see
page 12).
Adjust the volume again (see
page 11).
Reconnect the antenna securely.
Change the position and direction
of the AM loop antenna.
Extend FM antenna to the best
reception position (see page 7).
Set the BEAT CUT selector again
(see page 23).
Cover the hole with adhesive tape
(see page 30).
Remove the foreign matters.
Clean or replace the CD (see page
Remove the obstruction.
Replace the batteries (see page 6).
Plug in the AC power plug.
Stop the recording if required (see
pages 23).
Put in the CD with the label side
Unplug the system then plug it
back in.
EN29-32.UX-G6[A]/2 99.12.14, 15:3531