Move refrigerator close to
final position. Remove
cardboard or plywood from
under refrigerator. Plug electrical
cord into the grounded outlet. Use
the screw from the parts package to
install the plug retainer. Move the
refrigerator evenly and straight into
the opening. Check that the water
line will not be kinked. Check that
slack in the electrical cord hangs
freely behind refrigerator or is placed
on top of refrigerator nex: to cover.
Check that the power
switch at the top of the
cabinet is in the “OFF” position.
Flush at least 2 qts. of water
through the copper tubing and
check for water leaks around the
saddle valve. (See page 7 for
complete instructions.)
refrigeralor water valve
Remove tape from
leveling rods clockwise using a 5/l 6”
socket and ratchet until the cabinet
weight is supported by the rear legs.
Use l-3/8” open end wrench to lower
the front leveling legs until the weight
of the cabinet is supported by legs.
Connect tubing assembly fitting to
refrigerator water valve. Do Not
over-tighten. (If necessary, water
valve can be removed from
underside of the cabinet to attach
the fitting. You may have to remove
the wiring channel to get to valve.
Remove the screw between coils of
water valve. Remove disconnected
water valve and attach fitting.
Replace the water valve.)
Slide compression nut and sleeve on
open end of tubing assembly fitting.
Connect the union from water supply
line to compression nut and sleeve
on the tubing from water valve and
tighten. Do Not over-tighten.
Turn water supply valve to the open
position. Turn refrigerator switch to
the “ON” position. Check all
connections for leaks.
Page 10




Open both doors. Place a
level against the underside
of the door trim at the top of
the refrigerator. Adjust the front
leveling legs until level and to the
right height for the recessed area.
Place the level on the crisper guide
in the refrigerator section to check
for levelness front to back. Turn the
right, rear leveling rod until level and
to the required height. Place the
level on the freezer basket guide to
level the left side of the cabinet.
E I I _-


If side panels are not used,
go to Step 10. Read Side
panel requirements, page 6, before
attaching side panels to refrigerator.
Remove all tape and
door bracing from
refrigerator door. Remove the six
screws that attach the handle to the
door frame. Slide the refrigerator
door panel into door frame. If the
panel is less than l/4” thick, a filler
panel will need to be installed
between the door and decorative
panel. If the decorative panel is
more than l/4” thick, it will have to
be routed to have a l/4” edge on all
sides. See Custom panel and insert
dimensions for exact sizes to cut
custom panels.