Outdoor antenna grounding
If an outdoor antenna is installed, follow the
precautions below. An outdoor antenna sys-
tem should not be located in the vicinity of
overhead power lines or other electric light or
power circuits, or where it can come in contact
with such power lines or circuits as death or
serious injury can occur.
Be sure the antenna system is grounded so as
to provide some protection against voltage
surges and built-up static charges.
Section 810 of the National Electrical Code
(NEC) in the U.S.A. provides information with
respect to proper grounding of the mast and
supporting structure, grounding of the lead-in
wire to an antenna discharge unit, size of
grounding conductors, location of antenna
discharge unit, connection to grounding elec-
trodes and requirements for the grounding
Antenna grounding according to the National
Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70
Antenna Lead in Wire
Antenna Discharge Unit
(NEC Section 810-20)
Grounding Conductor
(NEC Section 810-21)
Ground Clamps
Power Service Grounding
Electrode System (NEC
Art 250, Part H)
Ground Clamp
Electric Service
NEC: National Electrical Code
When cleaning, unplug the power cord and
rub gently with a soft cloth to prevent
scratching. Do not spray water or other liquids
directly on the TV as electric shock may occur.
Do not clean with chemicals such as alcohol,
thinners or benzene.
Make sure the product is turned off, unplugged
and all cables have been removed. It may take
2 or more people to carry larger TVs. Do not
press against or put stress on the front panel
of the TV.
Install your TV where there is proper ventila-
tion. Do not install in a confined space such
as a bookcase. Do not cover the product
with cloth or other materials (e.g.) plastic
while plugged in. Do not install in exces-
sively dusty places.
Take care not to touch the ventilation open-
ings. When watching the TV for a long
period, the ventilation openings may
become hot.
If you smell smoke or other odors coming
from the TV or hear strange sounds, unplug
the power cord contact an authorized service
Do not press strongly upon the panel with
hand or sharp object such as nail, pencil or
pen, or make a scratch on it.
Keep the product away from direct sunlight.
If the TV feels cold to the touch, there may be
a small “flicker” when it is turned on. This is
normal, there is nothing wrong with TV.
Some minute dot defects may be visible on
the screen, appearing as tiny red, green, or
blue spots. However, they have no adverse
effect on the monitor's performance.
Avoid touching the LCD screen or holding
your finger(s) against it for long periods of
time. Doing so may produce some tempo-
rary distortion effects on the screen.
ON DISPOSAL (Only Hg lamp used LCD TV)
The fluorescent lamp used in this product
contains a small amount of mercury. Do not
dispose of this product with general house-
hold waste. Disposal of this product must be
carried out in accordance to the regulations of
your local authority.
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