Onkyo C-705TX Precautions, Warranty Claim, Power, Do not touch this unit with wet hands, Care

Models: C-705TX

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1. Warranty Claim

You can find the serial number on the rear panel of this unit. In case of warranty claim, please re- port this number.




The voltage of the available power supply differs according to country or region. Be sure that the power supply voltage of the area where this unit will be used meets the required voltage (e.g., AC

230V, 50 Hz or AC 120 V, 60 Hz) written on the rear panel.

Setting the STANDBY button to standby does not shut off the power completely. So the power cord should be removed from the AC outlet when the unit is not used for a prolonged time.

3.Do not touch this unit with wet hands

Do not handle this unit or power cord when your hands are wet or damp. If water or any other liq- uid enters the case, take this unit to an authorized service center for inspection.

4.Location of this unit

Place this unit in a well-ventilated location.

Take special care to provide plenty of ventilation on all sides of this unit especially when it is placed in an audio rack. If ventilation is blocked, this unit may overheat and malfunction.

Do not expose this unit to direct sunlight or heat- ing units as this unit’s internal temperature may rise and shorten the life of the pickup.

Avoid damp and dusty places and places directly affected by vibrations from the speakers. In par- ticular, avoid placing the unit on or above one of the speakers.

Be sure this unit is placed in a horizontal position. Never place it on its side or on a slanted surface as it may malfunction.

Do not place near tuners or TV sets.

If placed next to a TV or tuner, it may cause recep- tion interference resulting in some noise in the TV or tuner output.

5. Care

From time to time you should wipe the front and rear panels and the cabinet with a soft cloth. For heavier dirt, dampen a soft cloth in a weak solu- tion of mild detergent and water, wring it out dry, and wipe off the dirt. Following this, dry immedi- ately with a clean cloth.

Do not use rough material, thinners, alcohol or other chemical solvents or cloths since these could damage the finish or remove the panel lettering.

6. Points to remember

If this unit is brought from a cold environment to a warm one or is in a cold room that is quickly heated, condensation may form on the pickup, preventing proper operation. In this case, remove the disc and leave the power ON for about one hour to remove the condensation.

When transporting this unit, be careful not to bump it.


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Onkyo C-705TX Precautions, Warranty Claim, Power, Do not touch this unit with wet hands, Location of this unit, Care