Onkyo C-705TX Using the remote controller, Remote controller RC-456S, Before Using Connections

Models: C-705TX

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Using the remote controller

Using the remote controller

The unit is not shipped with a remote controller. However, you can use a remote controller (RC- 456S) that is shipped with the A-905TX/R-805TX amplifier.

Remote controller RC-456S

When the remote controller RC-456S supplied with the amplifier A-905TX/R-805TX is used, operate the remote controller pointing towards the amplifier’s remote sensor.

Be sure to make the Remote controller RC-456SNotes connection securely. If the connection is incomplete, you cannot use the remote controller to operate the unit.

A-905TX /


Remote control


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The DISC button on the RC-456S remote control- ler cannot be used.


Place the unit away from strong light such as direct sunlight or inverted fluorescent light which can prevent proper operation of the remote controller.

Using another remote controller of the same type in the same room or using the unit near equipment which uses infrared rays may cause operational interference.

Do not put any object such as a book on the remote controller. The buttons of the remote controller may be pressed by mistake and drain the batteries.

Make sure the audio rack doors do not have colored glass. Placing the unit behind such doors may prevent proper remote controller operation.

If there is any obstacle between the remote con- troller and the remote control sensor, the re- mote controller will not operate.

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Onkyo C-705TX instruction manual Using the remote controller, Remote controller RC-456S, Before Using Connections