Onkyo C-705TX instruction manual Troubleshooting, Symptom, Cause, Remedy

Models: C-705TX

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If you have any problems with the unit, please check the troubleshooting table below first.

For any problems not covered in the table, please consult your nearest Onkyo authorized service center.




STANDBY/ON button is pressed, but power does not come on.

Power cord plug is not properly con-

Insert the plug firmly.


nected to AC outlet.



The R-805TX’s energy save function

Press the R-805TX’s STANDBY/ON but-


is enabled (when the R-805TX is con-


ton. The power to the C-705TX will




be turned on.

Disc is loaded in the disc tray, but playback will not begin.

Disc is in the disc tray upside down.

Disc is dirty.

Moisture has accumulated inside the CD player.

Load the disc with the label facing upward.

Clean the disc.

Remove the disc from the disc tray, place the CD player in a warm place and leave the power on for about one hour.


You are playing an incorrectly-re-

Replace the disc.



corded CD-R.








No sound

Incomplete or incorrect connections.

Check all cable connections. (See





pages 10-12)




Insert all plugs firmly into jacks.


• Improper input selector switch setting

Set switch to proper position. See your



on amplifier.


amplifiers operating instructions for





more information.






Disc skipping

Disc is dirty.

Clean the disc. (See page 19)


Disc is scratched.

Replace the disc.


CD player has been bumped.

Place the CD player in a more stable











Search time (when moving to

Disc is dirty.

Clean the disc. (See page 19)

a specific track) is extremely

Disc is scratched.

Replace the disc.







Track numbers cannot be

No disc in the tray.

Load a disc into the tray.

stored in the memory.

A track number not on the disc is

Use only the track numbers on the




being input.








Noise during play

Interference from TV

Turn off the TV, or move the unit far-





ther from the TV.

Remote controller does not function.

Battery level is low.

Your position is too far from the unit’s remote control sensor or out of the sensor’s detection angle.

An obstacle exists between you and the unit’s remote control sensor.

The system components are not con- nected properly.

Replace the batteries.

Remote controller is possible within a distance of approximately 5 meters from the unit’s sensor and a detection range of 30°.

Operate from a different position or remove the obstacle.

Connect the system components properly according to the A-905TX/R- 805TX instruction manual.


Page 20
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Onkyo C-705TX instruction manual Troubleshooting, Symptom, Cause, Remedy