Onkyo C-705TX Handling CDs, Other Information, Playable discs, Taking the CD out of the disc case

Models: C-705TX

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Other Information

Other Information

Handling CDs

Playable discs

This unit can play back the following discs.









playback time











12 cm

74 minutes


8 cm




20 minutes





(CD single)






You cannot play back discs other than those listed above.

Do not play CD-ROMs intened for computer use or non-audio compact discs. Doing so may cause high-pitched noises or other unpredictable results that may damage speakers, amplifiers, and other connected components.

Avoid using heart-shaped or octagonal discs. Play- ing irregularly shaped discs may damage the in- ternal mechanism of the unit.

Do not use discs on which adhesive from adhesive tape or a disc label (if it is a rental disc) remains. Otherwise, you may not be able to eject the discs or the unit may become inoperative.

Taking the CD out of the disc case

1 Hold the disc case in the palm of one hand and pull the cover up- ward with the other hand to open the disc case.

2 While pushing on the center grip of the disc case with your finger, take out the disc by holding its edges.Handling CDs

Important notes on handling CDs

Carefully lift the disc from the disc case, mak- ing sure to only hold the disc by its edges or the hole in the middle.

A dry, soft cloth may be used to wipe dust and fingerprints off the surface of CDs.

Before Using



Do not use volatile agents on discs, such as thin- ner or benzine. Also, do not use conventional record cleaner or antistatic agents.

Do not place a CD in direct sunlight or locations subject to high humidity or low temperature.

Do not store a CD in the CD player tray for long periods of time.

Other Information


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Onkyo C-705TX Handling CDs, Other Information, Playable discs, Taking the CD out of the disc case, Operations