Care and Cleaning of Your Microwave Oven
Cleaning Vent Grille (Oven Air Vent)
1. Moisten a soft cloth in hot water containing mild detergent.
2. Wipe the front surface gently.
3. Tilt the Grille cover forward slowly as shown in Fig. A.
4. Wipe inside the Grille cover.
To avoid the risk of injury when cleaning, DO NOT directly
contact the metal edges of the Grille cover.
Installing the replacement Charcoal Filter(NN-CF203)
This product is shipped for use in the top exhaust ventilation
If you wish to install this product without using an exhaust
duct, the exhaust must be recirculated through the front grille
and the charcoal filter. This product is shipped with a standard
charcoal filter already installed.
The Charcoal Filter cannot be cleaned and should be replaced
periodically every 6 to 12 months, or more often if necessary.
When necessary to replace the charcoal filter, it can be pur-
chased from your local Panasonic dealer.
The part number of the replacement charcoal filter is NN-
CF203, refer to the following instructions for replacement.
1. Remove the Vent Grille
Pull the front louver down to open as shown in Fig. B.
Remove two screws from the front and one from the top,
then pull the Vent Grille forward.
2. Remove the Standard Charcoal Filter
Insert your finger under the bottom of the filter, and pull the
Charcoal Filter forward as shown in Fig.C.
Installing Vent Grille
1. Slide the top flange of Grille along the top plate, then tilt the
Grille down to fit as shown in Fig. E.
2. Tilt the front louver downwards, then secure with three
screws, one on each side and one on top as shown in
Fig. F.

(Fig. A)


(Fig. B)

(Fig. D)

Screw Screw
Top flange of Grille
Top Plate

(Fig. E)


(Fig. F)

(Fig. C)

3. Install replacement Charcoal Filter (NN-CF203)
Install the Charcoal Filter aligning the two holes, then secure
with two screws as shown in Fig. D.
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